weakened pelvic floor

Weakened Pelvic Floor Infographic: 4 Strengthening Tips

Infographic by Carvaka Adult Toys / Post written by Elizabeth Morris

A weakened pelvic floor is an issue that many women have; some are open about it and rightly seek help from their medical advisors but there are many women all over the world who suffer in silence with this problem.

While it is common, it can most certainly be something that can be improved, even by working on exercises at home, costly operations don’t have to be done to see some improvement.

A weakened pelvic floor can cause discomfort and embarrassment in women and at times it can impact on a couple’s sex life. This is something that shouldn’t be ignored; women should talk about the issue with their partner so that they can understand and also discuss how to seek help.

Any problem kept secret will not get better so it’s best to get it out in the open.

Women have busy lives these days; they have careers and families to care for and sometimes it can be easier to just ignore something like this and pass it off as inevitable but that simply doesn’t need to be the case.

This infographic from Carvaka Adult Toys provides useful insights on solutions to a weakened pelvic floor muscle area.

You’ll be able to understand the issue more, what it’s caused by, ways it can be improved and worked upon and lots more. Check it out below.

weakened pelvic floor

Note from Lorraine

Many thanks to Carvaka Sex Toys for sharing valuable information on tips to handling a weakened pelvic floor! Just to reiterate – this is an issue that shouldn’t be ignored and women shouldn’t be embarrassed or suffer in silence.

There are options worth investigating to see what works for you down there. If your pelvic floor is fine but you know a lady that might need some information – please share the infographic and post!