How Are You Wearing Your Female Reproductive Organs?

I recently participated at the first annual Catch the Wave Wellness Festival in New York City, hosted by Ripple Effect Artists and Gilda’s Club NYC. I enjoyed connecting with other participating vendors and meeting attendees who were excited to learn more about different health solutions. Prior to the wellness festival, I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to create a t-shirt with our female reproductive organs?

I’m excited to share Inspired To Health’s Operation Save Uterus t-shirt.

Female reproductive organs OSU t-shirt

The inspiration for the t-shirt design:

  • Visibility: Since our female reproductive organs are down there and are usually not in sight, wouldn’t it be fun to elevate them for a change? What kind of opportunities can be created by making our powerful and amazing female organs visible rather than hidden?
  • Heart space: By keeping our female reproductive organs close to our hearts rather than maintaining a distance or lack of connection, wouldn’t it help to shift some of the taboo, shame, and lack of awareness when it comes to our female organ health? For example, rather than curse our monthly flow, what would happen if we sincerely appreciated everything that our female organs do for us on a daily basis?
  • Inner path: No matter whether you got your period for the first time yesterday, gave birth to five babies or no babies, underwent a hysterectomy, heard fantastic or disturbing news from your gynecologist, or had sex that made your toes curl, each woman is on a unique—one of a kind—journey with her female reproductive organs. What kind of transformations could occur if each woman honored the messages her body shared and trusted her inner feminine wisdom?

The t-shirt triggered many valuable conversations with women of all ages, who openly shared their struggles with reproductive health issues such as painful periods, fibroids, PMS, and feeling energetically disconnected after having a C-section. A couple of ladies shared that they needed a hysterectomy due to cancer—one woman said it was liberating, the other had complications.

A close girlfriend came to show her support. She commented on how she loved the t-shirt and thought it was a super conversation piece. I shared with her that I’d almost decided to change into the t-shirt at the wellness fair rather than wear it commuting from New Jersey to New York City. In the end, I wore it in and out of New York.

She laughed and asked, “You really wore that on the subway?”

I giggled. “Yes! I noticed some looks. All the comments came from my own head.”

“I wouldn’t have been able to wear that out in public,” my friend said.

“That’s the point,” I smiled. “What’s there to hide? We’re wearing them whether we see them or not.”

Female reproductive organs t-shirt


“There is no real security except for whatever you build inside yourself.” ~ Gilda Radner

Lorraine Giordano
Inspired To Health