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I’m excited to highlight Liz Brazier and Jenny Prince from Whole Health Gardening. These amazing ladies are directing their energy to inspire and teach organic gardening in a fun and powerful way.

Check out how they are getting to the root of nutrient dense vegetables!

Growing Food That’s True Medicine in YOUR Garden

At Whole Health Gardening our focus is on growing healthy nutritional vegetables worthy of being called medicine. We believe we need to Start Talking About the Quality of Our Food!

Because right now today, we don’t talk about food quality at harvest time enough! To be fair, we have started a conversation acknowledging that many of the fruits and veggies we eat are harvested way too early giving growers time to allow their veggies to ripen in transit – this includes those labeled “vine-ripened”, by the way! While the upside is that we consumers are presented with picture-perfect produce, the downside of ripening-in-transit is that we’re also missing out on a slew of nutrients! Plants need time to deliver all of the nutritional goodies into their final fruit and vegetable packages.

Food as medicine is possible, and so is a disease-free garden. At Whole Health Gardening we’ll take you on a fascinating adventure that introduces you to an alternative approach to organic gardening; one that your friends and neighbors likely haven’t heard of yet. You can listen and learn with us on the Grow Better Greens Show on iTunes or come over to Whole Health Gardening and access our free video series about growing food that truly deserves to be called medicine.

Who is Whole Health Gardening:

Jenny Prince (on the right) is a backyard farmer living in Vermont’s Lake Champlain Islands. Her unique focus is on growing medicinal-quality foods; foods with extra nutrients per calorie at harvest time. This nutrient-dense gardening technique, which is accomplished by identifying and replacing the missing minerals in your soil, is gaining attention with food growers and buyers alike as the next positive twist in the organic food movement. You can learn all about her beyond organic gardening techniques here.

You can find Jenny everyday on Instagram as @jenny_grows.

Liz Brazier (on the left) is a lover of leafy greens and keeping things simple who lives between the Jersey Shore, USA and her birthplace of New Zealand. She is a Certified Health Coach and an avid soil bag gardener. Liz is on a mission for more people to grow their own leafy greens, (the easy way) by using a simple soil bag and putting better quality food into their bodies.

You can find Liz everyday on Instagram as @wholehealth_gardening or email us at hello@wholehealthgardening.com

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