womb happy hour

Operation Save Uterus: The Womb Happy Hour Radio Show


As I sit at my desk in my apartment, my mind races about what I’ll say on my first radio show—The Womb Happy Hour on VoiceAmerica. My stomach feels tight and anxious. I realize it’s time to have a chat and connect to my girlies—Team Uterus (My uterus, vagina, ovaries, cervix, clitoris, and fallopian tubes).

Team Uterus: It’s been quite a while since you wrote to us in this way.

LG: Well…I’ve been busy getting ready for The Womb Happy Hour radio show (click link for episode details). It starts on January 18, 2017, on the VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness channel. I might not have written to you in a while, but I’ve definitely been thinking a lot and checking in.

Team Uterus: Connecting more is better than connecting less. Who would have thought you’d be hosting a radio show focusing on down there—female organ health, feminine energy, and about how down there connects to everywhere else.

The Bakers—Ovaries: We think it’s great…although Miss Nurturer is getting top billing in the show name. The rest of us aren’t even mentioned.

LG: There’s a reason for it. I was ignorant about what was happening in and around my uterus and how important it was to my well-being. Remember how disconnected I was to all of you, especially Miss Uterus, prior to Operation Save Uterus in 2008?

Geez, for years, the pain was unbearable at times. My pain caused me to isolate and shut away from dealing with what I was feeling.

If it wasn’t for my gynecologist telling me I needed to have a hysterectomy due to the threat of cancer, then I probably would have never connected to the rest of you or reclaimed my health. Since then, my life has positively changed for the better and in unimaginable ways.

The Movers and Shakers—Fallopian Tubes: Yeah…we get your point. We probably wouldn’t have these conversations, and you might have shut down on the rest of us if you’d had your womb whacked.

The Party Girl—Vagina: When you saved Miss Uterus from being unplugged, I guess you saved the rest of us as well.

LG: I know. And that turned me on and got me to focus on my creativity. I opened up to writing and started Inspired To Health. I’m doing what I love, working with others to tap into their healing ability.

The Party Girl: For sure you wouldn’t be hosting a radio show about topics like using your sexual energy to enhance your health, menstrala art, hormonal balance, benefits of using a doula, and other cool topics if you hadn’t gone through those tough times with us.

LG: Thanks Party Girl! Makes me want to celebrate (wink).

Here’s the thing: there are a lot more women and girls talking about topics related to down there since 2008, but there’s still a lot of shame and taboo that quietly prevents young ladies and women from having a strong connection to their powerful bodies.

My intention with the radio show is to bring more awareness to just how amazing and important down there is to a woman’s health.

I get it, though. Back in the day, I was just pissed and in pain with my female parts region. It took me a long time to realize the value of everything going on there and how it’s connected to everywhere else.

The Hottie—Clitoris: I think every Womb Happy Hour episode should be hot and steamy.

LG: They’ll be some hot and steamy topics, but the show’s not going to be all about sex or just about having babies. I think talking about different topics with different inspiring experts will help elevate down there rather than keep it hidden—such as why a lady’s vaginal pH is important, or how our lymphatic system relates to down there, or why a yoni egg helps menopausal women or gals with pelvic floor pain.

Miss Uterus, you’ve been quiet. What are you thinking?

The Nurturer—Uterus: I’m totally excited for you and for all of us! What an adventure it’s been since you realized we’re here to help you move forward in life as you evolve. The one question that keeps coming up for the team is this: don’t you think some ladies out there are going to not like how you keep referencing “down there”?

LG: Short answer is yes. But over the years, working with clients and evolving in my own health journey, a lot of the times the icky stuff that happens in life that we don’t deal with, we tend to bury, sweep under, swallow, or shove down.

The womb is like a mysterious dark cave, it’s easy to hide things down there. Healing isn’t just about physical organs, it’s about dealing with emotional stuff we might not have released.

Doing energy work with clients, I can actually feel that shift and many times people feel it shift out and away too.

It’s easy to look down at your phone for messages and distractions. But it’s valuable to “look down” at what’s buried to release whatever it is in order to move on.

I get that there’s a battle cry by some to call “it” (vagina, pussy, labia, etc.) like it is. I agree. I just think there’s a lot connected to the health of Team Uterus.

It’s not a one size or one aspect fits all. You’re all connected to everywhere else.

Sometimes things get challenging, messy, and leak or fall outside the lines down there and in life. It’s worth exploring and sharing those stories in unique ways.

The Opener—The Cervix: Remember to speak from your heart and Team Uterus!

LG: So you gals ready? Let’s huddle. Hands are placed over my womb area. I take a deep inhale and a long, deep exhale…

Team Uterus: Are you nervous or anxious?

LG: I was feeling extra nervous and excited. This conversation and writing this out has calmed me down. Appreciate the collaboration!

Team Uterus: Let’s do it! The Womb Happy Hour radio show is coming your way on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness (Channel 248) on Wednesday’s at 6:00 p.m. EST  / 3:00 p.m. GMT! It’s online radio, and you’ll be able to hear it on iTunes and other venues.

LG: Hope you can tune into the show and down there!