womb thanksgiving mad lib

Play a Womb Thanksgiving Mad Lib


When is the last time you played with your womb and directed positive energy and appreciation to down there?


As we get close to wrapping up 2017, why not reclaim your sense of ___________ [noun] and __________ [noun] through your birthing energy center.


’Tis the season to give thanks to your _____________ [adjective] womb, aka uterus. If you’re not used to including your uterus and other ____________ [adjective] lady parts/potent creative energy center on your gratitude list, then now is a good time to kick off a new thanksgiving tradition.


Start by saying, “_____________ “to your uterus. Take ___________ [number] ____________[adjective] breaths to reconnect to down there and focus your attention below your ____________[adjective] belly-button.

Place both hands __________ [adverb] on your belly over your magic mystery portal. (Note: Even if you no longer physically have your uterus, this area is still a powerful center).


If you and your __________ [adjective] uterus were to have a chat like ___________ [adjective] girlfriends, what would your womb thank you for? _____________________________________.


How would you express appreciation for all the _____________[noun] your womb has helped you with this year? What would you like to thank your uterus for? ______________________.


If you’re feeling a bit cold, _____________ [adjective] and pissed with how things went this year down there, what does your uterus/womb need to feel ______________[adjective] and ___________[adjective]? _________________________________.

What kind of ____________[adjective] _____________[noun] would you offer to fill up your pelvic ___________ [noun] with to create even more abundance, _______________ [noun] and ________________[noun] preparing for 2018?


If all of this feels too much, just sincerely say thank you to yourself.



Thank you for being a part of Inspired To Health and playing along with a womb thanksgiving Mad Lib!


Happy Thanksgiving…





P.S. To play with an Ovary Mad Lib related to down there click here. Why not? You know it’s fun and makes you connect differently.

P.P.S I consider the ovaries “the bakers” in the group of amazing and powerful lady parts! The womb is the cozy wise nurturer.



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