Womb Wisdom Tips with Doctor Allie – International Hormone Success Doctor

Feeling stressed or hormonally off balanced? Dr. Alison Grimston will share her hormonal expertise and ways to reduce stress on The Womb Happy Hour radio show on VoiceAmerica Health & Wellness on March 8, 2017 at 6 pm EST / 3 pm Pacific. Doctor Allie is known as “the hormone success doctor” for good reasons. Luckily for many ladies, Doctor Allie positively transforms and empowers women around the globe to take back their body and free their minds with a balanced hormone success system.

Lorraine, host of the Womb Happy Hour, wanted to get a head start to the show and get some womb insights by asking Doctor Allie 3 questions:

1)      You provide valuable hormone support and resources for women in many ways — your clinic in Hove UK, popular workshops, blog, online presence and social media. By the way – I’m a big fan of your facebook live hormone tips! Who are a couple of your favorite resources that you respect and pay attention to?


Doctor Allie’s expert advice:


  • Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzohttp://www.vibrantlivingmembers.com/ – My mentor and creator of the Institute For Nutritional Endocrinology – who healed her own chronic fatigue through diet and lifestyle changes in her 20s, and whose expertise lies in the holistic management of fatigue and hormone imbalance. She integrates biochemistry, nutrition, herbs, and the power of the mind to create a vibrant life filled with passion and purpose.


  • Dr. Anna Cabecahttp://drannacabeca.com/ – who has healed her own premature menopause when she was given no hope, moving on to have her own daughter after that time.


2) Do you have one womb/hormone wisdom tip for someone in menopause, peri-menopause, pregnancy/fertility and for young girls?

Doctor Allie: Try to avoid artificial hormones and xenoestrogens, which disrupt hormones and the receptors they activate. These chemicals are found in foods, pesticides, non-stick surfaces, personal care products & much more. See my blog – such as http://bit.ly/2duy740  for more details. .


3) We’re going to chat about stress on the show. The word “stress” is over-stressed because it’s used so often these days. How would you describe stress based on working with your clients all over the world?

Doctor Allie: Most of us live under a near-constant stream of stress, much of it self-imposed from our own learning and attempts to get everything right to perfection – especially  women. Adrenal Fatigue is a name coined by some for this state of constant low grade stress, a type of adrenal insuffiency, causing cortisol depletion over time. The most effective way to minimize the effects of this on our health is a holistic approach to health and lifestyle, with low glycemic, unprocessed diet, and top quality nutritional supplements, coupled where absolutely necessary with bio-identical hormones.



Ladies of all ages tune– in on March 8th – you won’t want to miss the show! The more you know about hormonal balance the happier and healthier you’ll feel.


To learn more about Doctor Allie – the Hormone Success Doctor and hormone success system read more here.


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